Hacking the leverless water cooler tap for more water in less time

I’ve been calling myself a hacker for quite sometime now. My dad and I keep tinkering with something when I go home. He spends a lot of time trying to get things to work with aesthetically pleasing hacks and pulls me into it whenever I’m available.

Then, last week, I read Stallman’s post ‘On Hacking’. It got me started to think about all the times, I came up with dorky or funny life hacks. I couldn’t remember while writing this. But I thought that I will document all the hacks that I come up with each time.

The same evening, as I went to the water cooler to fill some hot water to treat my cold, I noticed that the hot water tap was broken. Let’s hack!


The broken hot water tap. Either drink cold water or figure out how to get hot water.

I tried using my hand at first. It really hurt because the grip had to be real hard while being able to pull the broken lever. I continued to do this but it gave very less water while the lever left an impression on my forefinger.


1. Unable to pull lever because of lack of grup

2. Pain due to the pressure between the forefinger and thumb

The solution had to fix these two problems. And, voila! A wild handkerchief appears.


I was able to hack the handkerchief into a temporary glove. It provided,

1. A good grip to pull the lever for most quantity of water in less time.

2. Lesser pain due to lesser pressure of grip and lesser friction.

Not only did I save a good 6 seconds for every full fill of a water bottle, I was also able to do it with lesser pain.